View Data with Ease. Make Decisions with Confidence.

Contology provides a single platform that aggregates data — regardless of industry. From local car dealerships to national restaurant franchises, the platform fits seamlessly and works flawlessly within any market.

Automotive Solutions

By offering everything from DMS integration to SEM campaign management, Contology allows you to track sales from lead to lot. As a result, your day-to-day is simplified and your ROI is optimized.

Enterprise Solutions

Managing sales and marketing for multi-location businesses can be difficult, but by aggregating all of your key data and integrating with search engines, maps and apps, Contology makes the process cohesive and efficient.  

Marketing Solutions

Contology is more than software; it’s a team of dedicated professionals ready to fulfill all of your marketing service needs, including SEO, SEM, social media, broadcast, website development and sales collateral.

Analytics & Reporting Solutions

Contology provides real-time data and analytics that helps inform all of your sales and marketing decisions. With its user-friendly interface, your data will begin making sense, as well your ad spend.

Partners Solutions

Contology is more than just branded enterprise marketing and reporting software. It’s a team of dedicated professionals ready to fulfill all of your marketing services, customize your reporting platform and enable your market analysts with bleeding edge API integrations and reporting.