Contology provides a single platform that improves marketing results — regardless of industry. From local car dealerships to national multi-unit franchises, the platform fits seamlessly and creates results within any market.

Increase Brand Loyalty

Contology helps reduce customer churn and build lasting relationships by engaging with consumers through multiple touchpoints.

Identify New Opportunities

Supported by a trove of sortable data, Contology helps find new opportunities from former, current, and prospective customers.

Encourage User Action

With quick insight and management into marketing campaigns, Contology helps convert visitors into purchasers by interacting with consumers throughout the sales funnel.

Refine Your Performance

Results are updated in real-time, so you’ll gain instant insights into what’s working and what isn’t, allowing your team to focus its efforts with laser-like precision.

Engage and Respond

Contology provides you with the intelligence you need — from customer reviews to email engagements — to be able to interact with customers when it matters most.