Five Years and Hundreds of Miles Later

It’s funny how introspective one can be when they look back over such a long journey. Five years is well over 15,000 days, a good bit more than 300,000 hours and much much more than 1,800,000 minutes. Contology has gone by three different names, seen over ten developers touch its code and been driven by three amazing project managers along its way. I like to think of Contology like that road trip you planned after college graduation. The best things about journeys are the relationships you make, the growth you enable and the sights and experiences you enjoy. Maybe you had the guts to take a road trip like this or maybe you didn’t. Contology took a leap of faith and started that journey. In fact, it’s still on this road trip of sorts, and quite frankly, I doubt it will ever stop evolving along the way.

Sure, the trip has seen a few different drivers and a good many passengers. But all of those experiences, whether they were mine or not, are still shared and a learning experience. And at the end of the day, all metaphors aside, that’s what good software solutions accomplish—growth with customers, change with markets and results for all parties involved. But, back to our journey…

When we started this trip in 2013, I was just a friend of the company at the time. But, wow, did I realize the potential! For years, I wanted so badly to champion this software and the results that it could create. But, as with a good road trip and friends, it just wasn’t my turn to drive. I became an industry feedback loop for those driving before me. I’d like to tell you that I fancied myself as a really good navigator during that time. I could work a GPS unit and navigate what was coming in the middle of the 2010s with the best of them, and even I’d venture to say my playlist was amazing (9.5/10 – too much DMB). The platform grew, it took on its first non-automotive client, and it accomplished a redesign. All while others were driving, and I was gleefully looking forward with them from the backseat, and often not even in the same vehicle. But we were all still headed to the same destination, I just didn’t realize it back then.

Fast forward to 2018: New UI, better SEM integrations, and a whole plethora of API integrations are bundled into 2.0. I’m still not driving. But, I had earned my front passenger seat, and I was excited to see the sights ahead. The pinnacles of client success, the merger of multiple entities on the platform, and the tremendous capabilities no longer passing Contology by in the left lane.

I was lucky enough to attend the internal launch of 2.0 and see the positive change happen first hand, as we get ready to release it. It’s interesting finally being in the driver’s seat now, as we plan for the future and plot our course to continued success. But, I’m often caught looking in the rear view mirror, reminiscing but never forgetting where Contology came from, who traveled the journey with us, and how Contology got to where it is, today. As with any good road trip, it’s the memories of past experiences, coupled with the unbridled anticipation of the future, that makes it great. Just like our platform.   

That’s the great thing about Contology, it’s about the full lifecycle of a person’s journey with your company. Whether it’s the marketing or the analytics, the journey never truly ends. And neither will Contology’s road trip. So, what do you say…

What to join us on our journey?