Consolidate Your Resources.

Enterprise Solution

Contology helps enterprise-level businesses streamline processes that can become fragmented in companies with multiple locations. By doing so, the platform enables franchisors and franchisees to maximize their ROI. When menu items or store hours change, Contology can update the information across Yelp, Google’s local business listings and other key search providers with the push of button.

Plus, because you get instant insight into the performance of your digital advertising, you’re able to reallocate resources to those campaigns that are working and fix those that aren’t. You can also store and manage user IDs and passwords, track and deploy meeting notes and keep an eye on what your competition is doing — even down to their keyword success.

The tool provides you with a single platform to manage all of the disparate parts of a multi-location business, making your efforts more concerted and your dollars more powerful.

  • Real-Time Data

  • DMS Integration

  • Regular Reporting

  • Pay-Per Click Analysis

  • Keyword Analytics

  • Email Optimization


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