Marketing Central

Marketing Central is your home

for managing marketing day to day.

In today’s digital landscape Marketing is extremely fragmented. Every social media channel, advertising platform, and media source comes with unique login credentials, stakeholders, and assets. Marketing Central is your home for all the information that comes with managing marketing day to day.

Manage internal contacts, meeting notes, brand positioning, website URL’s and hosting information – anything and everything that marketing needs to get the job done. Marketing Central from Contology – marketing now has a home.


Key Benefits of Marketing Central:

  • Central location for all your marketing information
  • Store and manage marketing user IDs and passwords
  • Manage brand positioning and competitor information
  • Track and deploy meeting notes
1/2: Contacts / Users
Manage the entire marketing organization right within the tool. Know all the key players for every project and key initiative.
2/2: Social Media Credentials
Keep track of all login information in one central location. Never scramble to find the details you need.

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