Analytics Suite

All website data tells a story

don't overlook the key points.

Contology’s Analytics Suite provides real-time access to your website analytics, search engine optimization, and everything you need to track the performance of your website. Track keywords, site visitors, mobile data, and all the KPIs that matter most to your business.

The Analytics suite includes a dynamic heat-map for tracking click data to optimize site performance. Watch in real-time as new campaigns or site changes launch to track results. Set priorities through the Goal Center and track progress all within the Analytics Suite.

1/3: Track Keywords
Know the exact keywords that brought traffic to your site. Build optimization plans on key learnings.
2/3: View Site Visitors
Monitor traffic and key data points for optimizing website experience.
3/3: Heat-Mapping
Track click data and know the parts of your website that are driving engagement and use.

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