Advertising Hub

Manage and track advertising campains

with seamless integration.

The Contology Advertising Hub provides centralized access to your company’s entire advertising landscape. Online and offline budgets, data, and critical analytics are all displayed in one tool. Track search, display, and social media impressions, click through rates, and all the KPIs that define success for your campaigns.

Key Benefits of Advertising Hub:

  • Full dashboard overview of advertising campaigns
  • Advertising budget tracking and management
  • Generate key reports and track KPIs

Cross Platform Performance


Track the budget and performance of all search engine marketing efforts. Research keywords right in the tool.


Manage target markets, pay per click, and overall impressions right within the tool. Compare versus other channels for optimization.


Align budgets and flight schedules with digital channels for optimal ad performance.


Compare campaigns and align targets with a complete view of all channels.

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